What we offer

Our foundation is committed to helping victims and survivors of domestic, sexual & dating violence, victims of stalking and human trafficking get the help & support they need. 

Legal Counseling

We assist victims in understanding their legal rights and protections, providing information on the criminal justice process and helping victims to understand the legal proceedings that involve their case

Emotional Support

We provide emotional support to victims, we help to educate victims on the various types of emotional support options available. We then connect victims with the programs that will help them cope and heal from their trauma.

Immediate Needs

We want to ensure that that victims feel as safe and secure as possible following their trauma. We help victims to secure medical attention, housing, clothing, transportation, meals, toiletries and emergency cash.

Medical Care

We work to ensure that victims are provided with all aspects of medical care to fit their trauma from emergency to follow-up appointments.

Information & Counsel

We assist victims in the answering of their questions and concerns. We help them to understand the crime that has begin committed against them and the criminal justice process following it.

Safety Planning

We provide victims with information on their rights and protection against their attacker. We help victims to submit comments to courts and parole boards and help them to put protective orders into place.

we understand what it takes to have you heard.

Her Voice was founded on a law enforcement and security consulting background. We understand the difficulties of navigating the aftermath of a traumatic incident and we want to use our expertise to make it easier for victims. After dealing with a traumatic crime they need someone to lean on and lean into for support. Her Voice Foundation wants to be that support system.

you are not alone.

you have a voice.

Surviving a crime is the first of many feats a victim will contend with. They will then need to survive the months and years following the crime. They often times are struggling to cope with terror, grief, anger, confusion, depression and even guilt. On top of the emotional and mental trauma they are coping with they now must also navigate the legal system. Many do not know the first step to take and where to turn when attempting to seek justice through our legal system — that is where we come in.



Ongoing cases

smiles of freedom

From Our Survivors

Their voices are the ones that matter the most.

“For the first time in a long time, I felt safe.”

Stalking Survivor


“Never again will I let anyone make me feel powerless.”

Sexual Assault Survivor


“Having gone through that trauma? Well, I’m stronger now than I ever thought I could be.”

Rape Survivor

New York

“He thought I was weak because I was silent. He was wrong.”

Domestic Violence Survivor